Litter due at Christmas!!! Get your reservation in. Also- A lovely border collie female (adult) for sale.

The Megan and Smitty Litter will be 8 weeks in February, 2019.
OFA  “Good” ratings for Sire and Dam.
Both Sire and Dam have the

Paw Prints Genetic testing completely CLEAR normal on all 9 criteria for Aussies!


Forever Colorado Lipstick and Pearls “Megan”



J Bar D Colorado Blacksmith “Smitty”

Gabby- border collie! 1000$

Oak Tree Gabby, wonderful Border Collie Female. Trained for sheep or cattle to “Nursery Trial Level” Loves people/ great “Mom”(7 puppies). Super house dog. Great with children, push button obedience ,shy with aggressive older dogs. Will not place her with family having dominant older female dog. Six years old, healthy/ sound and loving. Has not been “worked on stock” regularly.


Where do I begin, what a difference our life has been with our new furry friend Hemi. I purchased Hemi from Leslie Sorensen & her daughter Rebecca in February of this year (2018) what a blessing it has been to have him in our life.
Hemi is one smart dog, I can’t believe how knowledgeable he was when we received him. He was potty trained, crate trained & he could come and go with the doggy door so the transition was quick & easy.
Hemi could even sit and when we tell him to stay he listens without hesitation. I told my husband when we were going out to pick hemi up, was I truly ready for this? Could I take care of a dog and give him all the love that he will need?  Would I be a good owner? When I first saw him it was instant love. He was all and more than I ever hoped for. I introduced him to my grandkids a couple days after getting him and my granddaughter Taylor was so in love that I have to face-time her every night so she can tell Hemi goodnight.
Our life is forever changed and I look forward every day to spend time with Hemi. Thank you so much for letting us know about him and giving us opportunity to love and care for this special gift. He is one spoiled dog and he will always give us joy and happiness for the rest of his life.
Thanks again,

Rita B
Greeley Co 80631