Our History

Leslie History Article

Please click on the link above to read a great article on how we got our start!

56 Queenie60s Jay Sisler74 ASCA TX dogs Sorensen77 Wolf_s Royal Blue pedigree77 Wolf_s Royal Blue82 Sorensens Cherry Brandy284 Casa title holders85 Colorados Columbine - Leigh Ann85 Colorados Talk of the Town - Becky85 Colorados Talk of the Town287 Colorados Clint87 Colorados Perky Miss87 Colorados Sunbonnet Sioux87 Slash V Wild Timber head87 Slash V Wild Timber87 Slash V Wild Timber287 Slide Me 589 Jones Reddy Teddy91 Twin Oaks92 Ruff N Ready Ross92 Ruff N Ready Ross293 Bayshores Virginia Gentleman93 Colorados Gold Digger93 Colorados Mountain Shade93 Winterhavens Colorado Arcadian94 Colorados Top Gun of Aslan95 Colorados Silverthorne96 Flapjack98 Colorados Gold Rush98 Colorados Hat Trick98 Colorados Supernova