Superdog Training Program

The following information describes how we raise all our puppies.

Their “imprinting” period begins in the neo-natal (newborn) phase at 3 days of age and continues until 18 days of age. This “imprinting” technique consists of a repetitive stroking, turning, holding and positioning regime that, when applied at this early age, gives the puppy an extremely confident, trusting attitude when being handled. This calm confidence lasts him his lifetime.

Phase two begins at 3-4 weeks. He is introduced to soft foods and recall training is begun. We continue to handle the puppy in a normal fashion.

Phase three, at 5-8 weeks, consists of house time in a group and as an individual. We continue food treats by hand and grooming table training to stand when placed in position.

The puppies have hours of fun in our agility style play yard. All kinds of noise and visual stimulations are experienced at this time.

I like to say our puppies our “bullet-proof” when placed!